(Accepted) Staff Application | Tenuvien (5th Try)

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Hadi Mhz

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Staff member
IGN: Tenuvien

Age: 15

Do you have Discord?
If yes, what is it and are you in our discord?
Yes (Hadi1010#4189)

Have you been staff on any other server? if so what is the server name(s) and could you provide a screenshot for proof?
Yes , I was Staff On a Old Staff server (i don't have proof cuz I lost all the data on my computer Check Previous Application For the Proof. )
What is your plans to help and make this server bigger?

How long have you been a part of our community?

i have been a part of this server since Season 1 ( dan told me to say that since i forgot)

What makes you different from any of the other applicants for staff (30 Words +)?
I Think The I'm Different because i have previous experience in Staff commands on other server plus i enjoy playing on the server and always had fun on it and i'm not doing it for the power or anything .

How will you help our community if you were staff (50 Words +)
i will be nice to everyone , Welcome New Player ,Get new player to join the server ( *Cough* Advertising )
i can help with command and help with catching hackers since i have alts ,and i can answer any questions in faction (is the tnt enable ?/can u break obisidian with tnt?/how to create a faction ? / what is the command to ... ?)

What is your time zone?
GMT +3:00

How long, each day, can you contribute to the server?
3-5 hours most the time
4-8 hours in weekends

Custom Senerio #1 : If there are two players arguing over something in game, for example, they are arguing about the amount of materials, each person should get. And they are spamming chat, arguing. What do you do?

First i will warn them and tell then to use a PMs(private messages ) or tell them to go on discord / team speak . if they arguing and annoying other members i will have to mute them .

Custom Senerio #2 : If someone in chat, is saying, "HACKER, HES HACKING." And none of the other staff are doing anything about it, what do you do?

First I Will Tell The Spammer To Stop Spamming in chat , Then I Will Tp To The hacker / or Try To pvp the hacker And record him Then I Will Send The Evidence to Any Of The Staff Team That Have Perms To Punish him And If he's not hacking I will Have to mute the spammer .

Thx For Your Time
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