Aperture Radio [BOT] Command List 2017

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Aperture Radio's Command List

!help [command]
Will give a list of commands and a link to this forum post!

£play <song link>
£play <Song name here>

Will add the song to the queue, and as for the search it grabs the first YouTube video on that word.

  • <song link> A link to some song. Links are not limited to youtube.
  • or...
  • <song text to search for> Some search query you want the bot to look up on youtube.
    • Example: £play I ran seagulls will play I Ran by A Flock of Seagulls.
Prints the bot's current queue in chat.

Prints the currently playing song in the chat.

Vote to skip the current song, or if you're the owner, skip the current song.

Skip settings may vary, but the two conditions are either a static number of votes required, or a percent of undefeaned users in voice chat. These values are set by the owner, and the bot will announce how many votes are required to skip when the command is used. As previously stated, the owner can skip at any time.

£search [service] [number] <query>
Interactively search for a video to add to the queue. The bot will look up number videos and prompts the user to accept or deny each video. This command times out after 30 seconds, and has a hard limit of 10 max search items.

  • [service] Optionally specify a service to search for videos on. The default is youtube, but it can be any of the following (the short ones are abbreviations):
    • youtube, soundcloud, yahoo, or yt, sc, yh if you don't want to type the whole thing.
  • [number] Optionally specify a number of video results to prompt. The default is 3 and is limited to 10, althought this may be increased in the future.
Shuffles the queue.

Clears the queue.

Pauses the playback of the current song.

Resumes playback of a paused song.

£volume [amount]
Changes the volume of the current song, or prints the current volume if an amount is not specified. This affects all users.

  • [amount] If specified, set the volume to the given level (a number between 1 and 100), or a relative amount to the current level (+5 or -10, etc).
Call the bot to your voice channel. Obviously, you must be in a voice channel to use this command.

The bot can move between voice channels on a server (that it has permission to join), but not across servers. [Bot] accounts made through the discord api, however, can be in one voice channel per server. If the bot lacks permissions to join, either grant the bot permission or just drag the bot into the channel.

Note: Typically, you don't need to use this command if you enable the AutoSummon option. That makes the bot attempt to join the owner's voice channel on startup. Alternatively, use the AutojoinChannels option.

£clean <amount>
Search through amount of messages and remove any sent by the bot. If the bot has Manage Messages permission in the channel, the bot will also remove message that invoked bot commands (messages that were commands for the bot, £play, £np, etc).

Note: amount is not how many messages to remove, it's how many messages to search through to remove.

  • <amount> Number of messages to search through to remove the bots own messages (and messages invoking the bot if the bot has Manage Messages permissions). Defaults to 100 messages.
£blacklist <status> <@user1>...
Add or remove users from the bot blacklist. Blacklisted users cannot use any bot commands. This overrides any permissions settings set in permissions.ini. The owner cannot be blacklisted. Multiple users can be specified in the command.

Note: Remember to @mention the user when using this command.

  • <status> Whether to add or remove users. Accepted values are +, -, add, and remove.
  • <@user1>... Target users. Must be mentions.
£id [@user]
Prints the user's id in chat, or prints the id of the specified user.

  • [@user] Optionally specify to print another user's id. Must be a mention.
DMs the user a list of ids on the server. This command is used to assist in setting up permissions, specifically the GrantToRole option, and to obtain voice channel IDs.

DMs the user their permissions on the server. Helpful for figuring out what they can and can't do without spamming every command to see if it works.

£joinserver <server invite link>
Asks the bot to join a server. This is the one command that can be invoked by DMing the bot.

Note: Only the owner can use this command, and cannot be changed through permissions. Additionally, bot accounts cannot join servers through invite links and must instead join through OAuth.

£pldump <playlist>
Collects URLs from a YouTube playlist or Soundcloud set and dumps them into a text file to allow use in an autoplaylist.

Note: Other playlist sources may be supported, but if one isn't, please mention it in the help server or make an issue so it can be added.

  • <playlist> The link to a YouTube playlist or Soundcloud set.
Changes the bot's avatar to the specified url or uploaded image. url does not need to be specified if an image is uploaded with the command as the message (comment).

  • URL to set an avatar from. Not needed if you upload a picture.
£setname <name> Changes the bot's username. This action is limited by discord to 2 changes per hour. Arguments:
  • <name> Name to change to. Choose wisely.
£setnick <nick> Changes the bot's nickname on a server, if possible. Requires permission to do so. Arguments:
  • <nick> The nickname to change to.
£disconnect Disconnects the bot from the voice channel. £restart Restarts the bot. Owner only. £shutdown Shuts down the bot and terminates the process. Owner only.[/B][/SIZE]
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