[Denied, BANNED FROM APPLYING] Applying last time

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Do you have Discord?
If yes, what is it and are you in our discord?
ZoatYT and yes!
Have you been staff on any other server? if so what is the server name(s) and could you provide a screenshot for proof?
Yes, hypepixel and "cubecraft" and I have been staff on many others, but sadly those are not up and so I cant get a screenshot for proof. IDK where the screanshots will appear when I post this but going off of what I am seeing now, the screanshots should be at the bottom I guess.
What is your plans to help and make this server bigger?
A plan for me to help make the server bigger is, I can advertise using some sort of alts and I can record as well (although I don't sadly have many subs, but if I get more it would help) and you know advertise that way.
How long have you been a part of our community?
I have been on the discords for a long time, but as for MC servers owned by DANIELP I haven't joined yet because to my knowledge the only servers he owned until now are modded (which I'm not able to join).
What makes you different from any of the other applicants for staff (30 Words +)?
I am very knowledgeable, smart, I have a lot of experience as staff and other minecraft components, I know how to use most plugins and I know my way around configs, I am also a really fast learner along with knowing how to use command blocks and commands in general.
How will you help our community if you were staff (50 Words +)?
I can help your community by being friendly and observant, I would make the other community members feel better by muting spammers and if required maybe even temp-banning them if they keep spamming after 3 to 6 mutes I would also find a way to play on the server as a NORMAL player to add someone more that people can raid easily enough, but would try hardest to defend.
What is your time zone?
Central American Time
How long, each day, can you contribute to the server?
After school, about 3-6 hours.
Custom Senerio #1 : If there are two players arguing over something in game, for example, they are arguing about the amount of materials, each person should get. And they are spamming chat, arguing. What do you do?
I would tell them to quit it now and if they were to disobey me in this factor, I would mute them for about 10 mins and increase it by 10 mins each time I need to mute after 5 mutes i might just temp-ban them and see if they learn a lesson afterwards.
Custom Senerio #2 : If someone in chat, is saying, "HACKER, HES HACKING." And none of the other staff are doing anything about it, what do you do? I would tp to them if they claim they are seeing it OR if they said a name I would go to /vanish and spy them until I know if they are TRUELY hacking or not and if they weren't I might end up muting the accuser for lying and wasting a staff members time with a false accusation.


DENIED - Also, you are being banned from applying to our community ever again. You have copied another persons application, and don't say you didn't. One, you copied another person's app. Two, there's no way you could be staff on Hypixel or Cubecraft, seeing they wouldn't have 13 year olds on their staff team. And Three, I despise people like you. I would say next time put ACTUAL EFFORT INTO YOUR STAFF APP, but fortunately there won't be a next time. We don't need people like you working for/with us.

Thank you and have a better day.
Not open for further replies.