[DENIED] Lynxian's staff app

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(This is my friends he just cant make an account)

IGN:Lynxian Age:13

Do you have Discord? Yes

If yes, what is it and are you in our discord?ʕ •ᴥ•ʔBananaManʕ •ᴥ•ʔ#6055

Have you been staff on any other server? if so what is the server name(s) and could you provide a screenshot for proof?yes 2 but i cant provide proof

What is your plans to help and make this server bigger?Advertise and tell people that it is a fun server with great staff.

How long have you been a part of our community?Like a year or so

What makes you different from any of the other applicants for staff (30 Words +)? I wanna help people and not just get special powers I am not super harsh or anything like that I enjoy helping people even if they need a lot of help.

How will you help our community if you were staff (50 Words +)?I will welcome the new players I am polite I can try and catch hackers if there are any on I am a nice person so no one will complain about me being harsh I can help the new players if they are confused.

What is your time zone?New York time

How long, each day, can you contribute to the server? 2-4 hours

Custom Senerio #1 : If there are two players arguing over something in game, for example, they are arguing about the amount of materials, each person should get. And they are spamming chat, arguing. What do you do? I would tell them to sort it out and stop spamming and if that doesnt work i would just warn them for spamming.

Custom Senerio #2 : If someone in chat, is saying, "HACKER, HES HACKING." And none of the other staff are doing anything about it, what do you do?i would go in /vanish and watch and or test him to see if he is hacking and if he is i would tell a higher up


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here are what the staff said...

so this staff app is denied. better luck next time!
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