[Denied] Neto875's Really Well Answered Application

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Do you have Discord?
If yes, what is it and are you in our discord?
Neto875#0360 and Yes
How long have you been a part of our community?
Sadly not long only a few days.
What makes you different from any of the other applicants for staff? (30+ Words)
I am very knowledgeable, smart, I have a TON TON of experience as staff, I know how to use most plugins and I know my way around configs, I am also a really fast learner.
How will you help our community if you were staff? (50+ Words)
I can help your community by being friendly and observant, I would make the other community members feel better by muting and spammers and if required maybe even tempbanning them if they keep spamming after 4 to 6 mutes I would also find a way to play on the server as a NORMAL player to add someone more that people can raid easily enough, but would try hardest to defend.
What is your time zone?
Central Time
How long, each day, can you contribute to the server?
1-3 hours
Custom Senerio #1 : If there are two players arguing over something in game, for example, they are arguing about the amount of materials, each person should get. And they are spamming chat, arguing. What do you do? I would tell them to take it into a PM chat in discord OR to just /msg each other that way it only bothers the staff members that have socialspy enabled, but doesnt ruin the normal player's experience.

Custom Senerio #2 : If someone in chat, is saying, "HACKER, HES HACKING." And none of the other staff are doing anything about it, what do you do? I would tp to them if they claim they are seeing it OR if they said a name I would go to /vanish and spy them until I know if they are TRUELY hacking or not and if they weren't I might end up muting the accuser for lying and wasting a staff members time with a false accusation.


Ok, so a few things, a "TON TON" of experience, is not a lot, seeing as you listed no past servers, or past held rankings. 1-3 hours a day, is not a lot to contribute. A few things I would recommend is, get some more time into the community, maybe list the servers and past rankings you've had as staff in the past, and this isn't a big deal, but 13 is a low age. I am nor accepting nor denying this application. Although I would make a few changes.
Not open for further replies.