Hello Ecotropolis


Staff member
* Hello Guys and Gals of Ecotropolis my IGN is uSux Im a newly accepted developer on the Ecotropolis Network...
* I would prefer to be called Tropic or Devyn(My real name(Pronounced Dev in))
* I am 15 years old turning 16 April 29th.
* I have one dog his name is Jake and two cats Whiskers and Bandit.
* I have been a PC gamer since 2010 and a Console gamer since 2008.
* I play multiple sports including both types of football, basketball, boxing, wrestling, and water polo.
* I am a console modder(aka Spooki H4x0r) and i know how to use inspect element (That makes me 31337)
If you have any other questions ask them down below <3